weekdays pics

I’ve decided to show you some photos I took on weekdays. Hope you’ll like them 🙂

Let’s start with this dark and quite depressive picture, which I really like, as I’ve never taken such photos before.


This photo is opposite to the first one: sunny and pastel. I can feel the uneven structure of this column just looking at the picture.


I took this photo during the break, that’s why you can see some people in the background. Nevertheless, I really like the pic.


The blue sky and the clouds were so wonderful, that I could do nothing, but take photos of the view)


The quality of this photo leaves a lot to be desired, but it looks like the doomsday is coming. I’ve never seen such colours in sunrises!


That was the next day’s dawn, very soft and beautiful. I even heard birds singing, which was really unusual for February in our country.


Look at the clouds, they seem so fluffy! You can even see the sun rays. Oh, I adore sunsets ❤


Lol, no doubt, the last photo is my favourite one. This guy was looking at me during the whole biology lesson, I think he’ll ask me to go out with him soon.


Well, that’s about it) I’ll be pleased if you live your comment down below (:

Have a good weekend!