Children’s love

I decided to write my first post about a wonderful event, which happened to me on Friday. The day started amazing as the first lesson was canceled and I got extra time to sleep. The English lesson was removed with Algebra, but we watched a movie instead of solving problems. Then, my friend and I missed the half of the History lesson as we had to go to the other building of our school, where blind and deaf children studied.

Of course, there were also high school guys, who also decided to spend time with them. We arranged kind of a game, and I was a Wise Cat. I borrowed cat paws and ears from my friend, who was crazy about anime, Japan and cosplay. So I looked quite similar to a cat.

I was extremely nervous as I was sure, I didn’t know how to talk with children. Even though I had a text with me, my hands were shaking.

There were only 4 groups of children. Everyone was so nice, friendly and cute <З

My friend told me I had been so nervous that I actually had started shouting as I had tried to sound happier (:

When I came to the hall  (all the groups had finished doing my task), children ran up to me and we had a nice talk. Then, it was time to take a photo, and most of the children decided to stand by me, which was such a pleasure! When we had to leave, children started hugging me so tight. They asked me to come as soon as possible. One girl even kissed me on the cheek, which was so sweet <З (actually, it was kind of my first kiss, lol)

I was really happy as these guys showed all the love to me <З


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